book of jobs published!

Have you ever looked back at all the jobs you’ve had and thought about how each one left a mark that shaped and defined you?

In this collection of thirty-three self-deprecating vignettes à la David Sedaris, Book of Jobs is a humorous exploration of one man’s journey through the world of work. Originally written as an enlightening and entertaining commentary for his sons, the author begins with his early aspirations of entering the priesthood, to pursuing such eclectic gigs as underground filmmaker, nude model, prison art teacher, and more. The candid escapades and reflections are brought further to life by the author’s illustrations, which have the loose flair of The New Yorker magazine cartoons.

While lighthearted in tone, Murphy doesn’t shy away from the dark side of employment: bad bosses, inappropriate skill sets, dead ends, and fantasy jobs that don’t pan out. Whether you are at the end of your own long line of jobs or just beginning to wonder where you fit into the world of work, Murphy’s perspective could bring a breath of fresh air and a chuckle as you grab that next cup of coffee and head into the fray.

It’s a bit hard to find on Amazon (don’t get me started). If put this URL into a browser you can find it.

Or Search on Amazon using “book of jobs by c. b. murphy”

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*(aka Charles Murphy, aka Charley Murphy)